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 ABOVE: Some of Pioneer High School's Students of the Month for January & February 2017 take time out for a photo. Front row: Chris Darling, William Mages. Back row: Brilynn Soulvie, Jeffrey Schalberg, Kyle Murray, principal Mark Schultz, Krista Abbinanti, Emily Smith, Jenna Langley, Zoie Jones, Taylor Burch, and Brenna Kephart.

January – February 2017

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT                              Daniel Bigham

Daniel is a hard worker in Resource. He is organized, prepared, and gets things done!

ALGEBRA                                                                                                                                                                       Brilynn Soulvie


Brilynn is an all-around great student! She always participates in class discussion, gets her work done on time, and is a sincere student. She is a role model to her peers and is always willing to help them if they do not understand. Brilynn has a mathematical mind, she asks questions to deepen her understanding of the content and makes connections. She was in the high 90’s both quarter one and quarter two. Brilynn has great determination and perseverance. Last quarter she learned about factoring quadratics, which is a tricky concept. She never gave up and continued to ask questions until she understood. She has many great qualities that every teacher looks for in a student. It is a pleasure to have her in my class and I look forward to seeing how she continues to grow as a student.


 Zoie Jones


Zoie is a model student. She is punctual to class, polite to teachers and students, and has gone above and beyond whenever there is need for out of class activity such as working in the store helping sell products, etc. She is an asset to our department.


Jacob Leyva


Jacob is an excellent student. Jacob completes his work accurately and on time, he is polite to his peers and is always willing to help anyone who needs it. Jacob possesses the qualities necessary to become a successful business person.

CONSTRUCTION                                                    William Mages

William is the leader in the class and does very good work. He definitely takes pride in what he does.

DIGITAL ELECTRONICS                                      Jeffrey Schalberg

Jeffrey is very meticulous in the work he does and has a very high aptitude for electronics. Great job Jeffrey. Keep it up!

DIGITAL PHOTO                                                      Mykala Furman

Mykala is a gifted student who shows dedication to the composition and craftsmanship of each photo.

EARTH SCIENCE                                                    Kyle Murray

Kyle has maintained an average in the high 90’s through the first two quarters of the school year. He is always on time, prepared for class, and very respectful. I can always count on him to participate in classroom discussion, which makes class more enjoyable.

ENGLISH 9                                                            Kelsey Wright


Kelsey is an insightful thinker and she possesses a vast array of language and literary knowledge. She is hard-working, conscientious, self-reliant, and reflective. It is an honor to have her in class.

ENGLISH 11                                                           Rachel Foote

Rachel is a hardworking student who always strives for perfection, and after she reaches, strives further still. She is an exemplary student.

ENGLISH 11                                                            Chase Jones

Chase has both a great work ethic and great personality to match. He is friendly to all of his peers and teachers and brings enthusiasm to the classroom that is contagious to everyone in it. Thank you!

FINANCE                                                              Taylor Burch


Taylor has an excellent attitude, she is polite to her peers and works very hard as the treasurer of the FBLA and the academy of finance. Taylor has all the qualities needed to be successful in the business world. Congratulations!

FINANCE                                                                 Christopher Darling (February)

Christopher comes to class ready and prepared to work. He is an excellent student who is always striving to do his best. Congratulations!

LIVING ENVIRONMENT                                      Brandon Davis

Brandon has really turned around his attitude and work completion in Science. Brandon is very enthusiastic in class, and participates often in both class and lab.

MATH                                                                     Jenna Langley

Jenna maintains a 90 or above average in Math, she is always friendly and asks questions during class. She constantly volunteers which significantly helps with the class discussion.

MUSIC                                                                    Brenna Kephart

Brenna is a young lady whom I count on to help with many of the “housekeeping” responsibilities in the choral room. I have watched her grow as a young woman since 5th grade. Brenna puts her all into music and works hard to accomplish roles that are outside the box for most individuals. She has also been an excellent representative at the NYSSMA Area All-state festival for the past two years.

REGENTS CHEMISTRY                                                                   Krista Abbinanti


Krista comes to class with a smile and prepared work, she asks great questions that contribute to the benefit of the class. Krista has a stellar work ethic which has made her one of my top Regents Chemistry students. Krista’s grade gets higher each quarter, she is highly motivated and sets a great example for her peers. It is a pleasure having Krista in lecture Regents Chemistry. Keep up your hard work.

REGENTS CHEMISTRY                                                                  Emily Smith


Emily comes to class and lab always with a smile, prepared work and a strong work ethic. She plans ahead and when she has a music lesson or knows she will be absent. She comes to a different class during a study hall for a lecture and then comes during her regularly scheduled class to take a quiz or test she will miss the following day. When Emily is absent, she comes to class or lab with her work completed to the best of her ability and has questions ready for what she needs further clarification on. Emily is highly motivated and sets a great example for her peers. It is a pleasure having Emily in both my lecture and lab for Regents Chemistry. Keep up your hard work.

STUDIO IN ART DESIGN                                      Morgan Brouse

Morgan’s dedication to her imagery through constant discovery is obvious and appreciated.

U.S HISTORY                                                            Cassidy Leary

Cassidy adds thoughtful insight and information to class discussion. Cassidy completes all her work with nearly a 100% accuracy.

U.S HISTORY                                                            Xena Potter

Xena is always prepared for class. She participates often and has a great understanding of the material.