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Pioneer School District administration has presented a 2017-2018 general fund budget of just under $55 million, a rollover plan that is $647,903 over what is currently allocated for the district in Gov. Cuomo's education state aid plan. 

Assistant superintendent Nicholas Silvaroli continued his expenditure presentations to the Board of Education at its March 7 regular meeting, and unveiled a first overall look at Pioneer's fiscal picture for next year.

As presented, the 2017-18 rollover budget totals $54,955,524, which represents a 1.93 percent spending increase over the current year.

Mr. Silvaroli communicated that the rollover budget essentially contains the staffing, programs, and services currently offered and reflects cost increases for next year.  "Depending on the final revenue numbers, adjustments may be proposed to the rollover budget," he said.

The bulk of spending increases, Mr. Silvaroli said, are the result of increases stipulated by labor contracts, contributions to the teacher/employee retirement systems, and health insurance premiums.  

Mr. Silvaroli said the budget he presented to the board includes the replacement of two teacher retirements, and anticipates enrollment levels to remain static at right around 2,500.

Although there is a $647,903 difference between the Governor's proposal and Pioneer's rollover plan, Mr. Silvaroli cautioned that Albany is likely still in the early stages of its negotiations, and that efforts to lobby lawmakers for more aid are ongoing.  A final state budget, including final school aid amounts is anticipated on or about April 1st. 

April 18 is the target date for the Board of Education to act on next year's budget. The date of this year's public budget hearing is May 2, followed by voting on Tuesday, May 16, at the high school.