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Pioneer School District passed its most recent internal audit, according to a report given at the Jan. 3 regular meeting.

Nichelle James, CPA, presented the 2016 internal audit report. She said this year she examined cafeteria operations and general fund cash receipts. Specific areas of the cash receipts she tested were Latchkey and public swim.

Ms. James noted some suggestions for the Latchkey program, including perhaps using a spreadsheet program for more consistency and accuracy with billing. With regard to the public swim program, she cited a need for a more accurate sign-in method in which participants actually provide their name when they pay.

Ms. James praised the cafeteria operations staff for following proper procedures with regard to finances over the randomly picked areas that were tested.


In other news, superintendent Benjamin Halsey said the process of planning the 2017-18 district calendar was under way, incorporating input from the various stakeholders as well as the Board of Education. He asked the board to begin thinking about any changes regarding meeting times and how it would like this information listed on the calendar.


Assistant superintendent Nick Silvaroli said the district is closely monitoring what’s happening in Washington, D.C., with regard to the Affordable Care Act. He said the plan is to proceed with the current requirements for employees as well as the regulations that must be followed by employers, until such time as any changes take effect.


Meanwhile, Mr. Silvaroli said the consumer price index (CPI)—used by New York State to establish property tax caps for schools—appears to be in the range of 1 to 1.2 percent this year, leading to another challenging budget planning season for districts.