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Pioneer School District's state aid figures came in somewhat less than expected, according to a report at the Dec. 6 regular meeting of the Board of Education. 
Assistant superintendent Nicholas Silvaroli shared a report comparing estimated state aid figures developed in April 2016 (during 2016-17 budget planning) to actual state aid figures for 2016-17 that recently became available. A drop in enrollment—due to a large class of nearly 200 students graduating and a smaller kindergarten class of 160 students entering the district—resulted in a decrease in Foundation Aid from what was estimated. 
Also, an unusually high BOCES refund of just under $600,000 resulted in BOCES spending and reimbursements being lower than estimated.
Overall, the net impact resulted in state aid of about $150,000 less than anticipated. Mr. Silvaroli said the state aid shortfall is not large enough to disrupt 2016-17 operations, but will be a factor when it comes to planning the budget for next year.
In other news, superintendent Benjamin Halsey reminded the Board of Education that their next meeting does not take place until January 3rd. He said the district will have the agenda ready for the next meeting before the holiday recess.
Mr. Halsey also said the district's APPR (annual professional performance review) plan was completed with the submission of the final piece, the signature page, to the State Education Department. The APPR plan received approval from State Ed, he added. 

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