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Some definite themes are already shaping the budget planning process for 2017-18, the Pioneer Board of Education learned at its meeting on Nov. 15. 

Assistant superintendent Nick Silvaroli said a theme during the upcoming budget planning season will be the full funding of Foundation Aid to school districts by the state. He pointed out an article in the Buffalo News’s Nov. 13 Sunday opinion page, which called for Foundation Aid to be restored levels based upon its original formula.
As a result of the state withholding part of that aid from Pioneer, some $50 million in aid has been withheld over the last 10 years, Mr. Silvaroli said.


Departments are starting to submit their budget proposals for next year, he added, and the process will accelerate when Gov. Cuomo unveils his version of the state budget shortly after Jan. 1. 

In other news, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds Nick Titus said results of districtwide lead testing conducted earlier in the school year had revealed several areas at Arcade, Delevan and the middle school in need of remediation. These include one drinking fountain and several classroom fixtures that have been blocked off from staff/student use.
The state Education Department is covering the cost of replacing fixtures that did not pass inspection. Following replacement, the fixtures will be retested, Mr. Titus said, and he also noted the high school lead testing results have not been received.


Mr. Titus said a refurbishing of the chiller at Delevan Elementary School would be starting soon and complete by the end of the year.

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