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No decision has been made by the state on a proposed signal light at the corner of Route 39 and County Line Road, which is the sometimes tricky access route to Pioneer High School.
Superintendent Benjamin Halsey told the Board of Education at its Nov. 15 meeting that he has received mixed signals from the state Department of Transportation regarding a traffic light at the juncture. After initially being told by a regional director that it was not in the cards, that same official called again a short time later and said he would look again at the traffic studies that have been performed.
Mr. Halsey noted that as early as 2000, Pioneer had an agreement with the state to have signal lights installed at both Rt. 39 & County Line AND Rt. 16/Old Olean Road, with funding granted by local legislators. Mr. Halsey said at this point the proposal has not been approved or denied. He said he will continue to press for answers and report back to the board at its Dec. 6 meeting.


Meanwhile, Mr. Halsey said a recent focus of the leadership team has been poverty and its effect on learning outcomes in the district.  More workshops on poverty are planned at the building level, he said, with a goal of developing a five-year plan addressing the effect of poverty on students. He said the rate of poverty is significant and growing, and will continue as a district goal going forward.


Poverty was also a focus during recent staff development Nov. 21-22. 


Mr. Halsey reported his involvement with the Arcade Area Chamber of Commerce has increased, and he is excited to contribute more. He said the chamber has some exciting new members and initiatives, and he has participated at ribbon-cuttings for new business members. Mr. Halsey said he will help plan the chamber's Tri-County Fishing Derby in the spring.


Mr. Halsey introduced a proposed project for additional capital improvements to the high school pool area. He said a recently completed project in that space, in which ceramic tiles were installed to help with ventilation, resulted in unforeseen acoustical problems.

The noise in the pool area is unbearable, he said, and a health/safety concern.  Mr. Halsey said it appears it can be addressed over the winter with wall & ceiling treatments, with $60.000-$70,000 left over from another capital project.  Assistant superintendent Nick Silvaroli said he thought the project would be eligible for state aid reimbursement.

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