Superintendent Benjamin Halsey

  • Ben Halsey Hello Pioneer! Welcome to the 2017-2018 Pioneer Panther School Year. On behalf of the Pioneer Board of Education, our administrators, and our faculty and staff, I am honored to again welcome you to another wonderful school year at Pioneer Central School. We welcome all our students and families to a year of high expectations, hard work, and student success. Pioneer strives to provide an excellent education, a diverse offering of extra-curricular opportunity, and facilities that are considered some of the best in all of Western New York.


    With the start of every school year, a district builds on the work they accomplished the previous year and sets goals to achieve going forward. I encourage all our families to take advantage of the fresh start in the fall and do the same with your students for the coming school year. Discuss the progress made last year, evaluate the good and the bad, and set new goals to strive for in 2017-2018. The Pioneer family is here to provide any and all assistance we can to your family to help ensure a rewarding and successful experience.


    As Superintendent, it is important to me for Pioneer to provide programming that is meeting the needs of our students, striking a blend of time honored courses with creative and innovative opportunities. These opportunities are to be presented in facilities that are clean, safe and inspiring to those who attend. And lastly, we are to provide customer service to our students, our families, and the community in a fashion that shows support for their needs, and builds on a relationship that makes us all proud to be a part of One Pioneer.



    This fall is just the beginning. Let’s make it the best year yet and we are glad you are here to join us. Go Panthers!