Summer Reading 2018

  • English 9 and 10 Honors: 9 and 10 Honors Reading Assignment (Revised). Please submit your summer reading essay to  Follow the directions in the attachment: Turnitin Directions

    English 11 Honors Summer Reading Assignment and Journal Response: 11 Honors SRA  11 Honors Journal Response

    All grade levels (9-12) are invited and encouraged to read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. Eleanor & Park was selected by our department for a variety of reasons: 1) it addresses topics that are very real to teenagers – isolation, bullying, love, family, courage, and suffering, 2) teenagers relate to the characters and are easily engaged in the story, and 3) it has a valuable message. Strong language is present (primarily at the start of the book and intermittently in later places); however, it’s an optional read. If language is a concern, parents are encouraged to find alternate reading selections that are appropriate for their teenager's interests, age, reading level, and maturity.  Our intent is to encourage a love for reading. Extra (complimentary) copies are available for Pioneer HS students. Contact the HS office for further information. 

    On September 19th, we will celebrate Eleanor & Park. Your English teacher will have further details. Participate in completing a project to be eligible to win a prize. Eleanor & Park Projects

    Have Concerns Regarding Language Use in Literature? Please read: Language in Literature