Food Service Charge Policy




    The Pioneer Central School District believes no child should go hungry throughout the school day.  If a student comes to school without a lunch or money to purchase a lunch or a breakfast then that student will be served a meal that is charged to his or her student account. 

    Regulations require each district to address the following areas for handling charged meals by students:


    1.      What can be charged:

    Only complete meals, Breakfast or Lunch. À la carte purchases and second meals are not permitted to be charged.


    2.      How a charged meal is handled:

    Cashier will allow the student to charge the meal he or she would like without exception.  At the Middle School/High School the cashier will ask the student to bring in money owed on the next school day.

    • A courtesy call to the parent/guardian will automatically be placed on Wednesday and Friday informing them of any negative account balance over $1.00.
    • If an elementary student charges over 3 breakfast and 3 lunches the Elementary Cook Managers will print a charge slip, place it in a sealed envelope, and put it in the teacher’s mail box to be sent home to the parent/guardian with the elementary student.

    If charging persists, the Cook Manager must submit a list of names to the Principal who will contact the families for reimbursement or determine if other action is required.  (Need for Social Services or Homeless Liaison assistance).  If a financial hardship is suspected, the families will be encouraged to apply for free/reduced meals anytime during the school year.


    Parents can also utilize parent portal to monitor lunch account balances. Contact Joellen Morey at 716-492-9301 to set up an account.


    3.      The system used for identifying and recording all charge meals:

    When a student needs to charge a meal the cashier will enter $0.00 money into the students account in the WebSMARTT POS system.  This will create a negative charge balance on the students account.


    4.      The system used for collecting repayments:

    When a student re-pays the charge the cashier rings the money received under the prepay button to eliminate the negative balance on the students accounts.


    5.      Communication of the procedure to Parent/Guardian and Students:

    A copy of the charge meal procedure will be posted on the school Food Service website. At the start of the school year a written copy of the procedure will be included in the student orientation package. In addition the written copy will be provided to applicable staff, and new households that transfer into the District during the school year.