Pioneer Central Schools

Cafeteria Charging Policy
The National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs play a critical role in ensuring that New York's children have access to nutritious food they need to learn and succeed in the classroom.  We encourage you to complete the application for free or reduced breakfast and lunch for your child as soon as possible.  If your child purchases lunch at school you can place money on their lunch account in advance.  Lunch account balances can be monitored through the parent portal.  Contact Joellen Morey at (716)492-9301 to set up an account.  
The policy for charging of meals is as follows: 
- Charge limit not to exceed three breakfasts and lunches for K-4 and two breakfast and lunches for 5-12.
- If your child does not repay the charged meal on their account (as noted above) the student will no longer be allowed to charge lunch but will be served milk, juice and cereal for breakfast and a peanut butter or cheese sandwich and milk for lunch. 
- A courtesy call to your home phone will automatically be placed on Wednesday and Friday informing you of the negative account balance. 
- The elementary teachers will send charge slips home with your child.  The cashier will inform middle school and high school students that they have reached their charge limit.
- As needed, the school principal will call you to make arrangements for payment of the overdue balance.
- Please be certain to remind your students of the charge policy.  Students can resume purchasing meals when payment is made. 
- Accounts that exceed the charge limit may be sent to a third party collection agency.