Pioneer Central Schools




DATE:  March 13, 2017

TIME:   4:00 p.m. – Middle School - Room D120 – Curriculum Office


IN ATTENDANCE: Sylvia Chase, Susan Dressel,  Frank Guzzetta, Michael Irizarry, Thomas Izydorczak,  Robert Morgan, Jennifer Palmerton, Mary Rauscher, Mary Lou Sworts and Jill Wilkie




1.      CONSENSUS REPORT – Minutes –  February 6, 2017                                                

  Financial Report


       Motion:  To approve consensus report as presented

       1st      Frank Guzzetta       2nd      Mary Rauscher       Carried:   Yes    



 2.   Forthcoming Meetings

·          April 3, 2017 – Policy Board meeting

·          May 1, 2017 – Policy Board meeting

·          May 18, 2017 – FarWest Regional meeting-SUNY Buffalo State College

·          June 5, 2017 – Policy Board meeting



3.      State Reports 

* The FarWest Teacher Center Network created newsletters and postcards for advocacy purposes.  Cards were distributed among Policy Board with a request to complete so they can be forwarded to legislators.

* Committee of 100 – The director participated in meetings with Assemblyman Joe Giglio and Senator Cathy Young’s Communication Director.  Both were receptive to the needs for Teacher Centers.  The Pioneer Teacher Center Course Catalog and calendar were distributed to Assemblyman Giglio, Senator Young, Assemblyman DiPietro and Senator Gallivan to demonstrate Teacher Centers’ valuable work.  

* Spring Symposium – The director attended a science workshop, technology workshop and received state updates on the Program Abstract and new Continuation Application which will have changes to the Work Plan Matrix. 


4.   Webmaster Update

      Discussion:   All information is up to date.   The new catalog/calendar/registration form was uploaded.   February minutes and April’s meeting date will be uploaded following the meeting.


5.      Building Liaison Information

a.       Final workshop IOUs are due for Summer and Fall workshops

b.      Spring workshop payment is due middle of April  

c.       2017-2018 workshops are available – please sign up promptly

d.      PDP Timekeeper will be due 2 weeks prior to start of workshop

e.       Registrations required for workshops, electronic or hard copy



6.      2017-2018 Workshops

·         Positive response to new catalog format and calendar

·         Registrations are already coming in

·         Schoology quote – We requested a quote for the Enterprise edition of Schoology.  Director had a conference call with     representative. Costs were presented, along with a comparison of the free and paid versions. Information was also provided about a potential CA BOCES link with Randolph, Franklinville and Ellicottville.

·         The Policy Board discussed various options for online learning platforms, along with pros and cons of each.

·         Policy Board plans to discuss further with District Administration and hope

to reach decision at April meeting.


7.      Autism Workshop Update

Since our instructor is on medical leave, she is unable to attend the Autism workshop. The PO has been canceled.


8.      “Twitter for Educators”

Discussion:  Maria Muhlbauer teaches a Twitter course for UB.   Are we interested in offering this as a short after school class?   Policy Board wishes to gather more information from Maria with respect to a course proposal and dates.  


9.      Annual Center Effectiveness Questionnaire

It was recommended that we not offer an incentive for completing the questionnaire, so all questions will be included on one online form, along with the option of anonymity.   The questionnaire was to be sent out April 3 for a return date of April 7.   It was suggested that the questionnaire be sent out earlier due to spring vacation. 


Motion:    To send out Annual Center Effectiveness Questionnaire on March 30, due back April 7, 2017.  

      1st         Tom Izydorczak         2nd     Sue Dressel       Carried:   Yes    




10.   Other – Independent Study Approval

Larry Cook and Don Kress submitted their paperwork for their Independent Study

workshop for Policy Board review.

Motion:  Final approve Larry Cook and Don Kress’ Independent Study pending completion of all final paperwork on Independent Study checklist.


        1st         Mary Rauscher        2nd      Tom Izydorczak        Carried:   Yes    


11.  Director Evaluation

            The Policy Board conducted the annual evaluation of the director.   Policy Board evaluated director in preparation for a By-Laws/Salary Review in April.

       Motion to Adjourn:                 

       1st     Frank Guzzetta              2nd    Robert Morgan         Carried:   Yes    



ADJOURNED:        5:00 p.m.

NEXT MEETING:  April 3, 2017