Pioneer Central Schools



DATE:  September 11, 2017

TIME:   4:00 p.m. – Middle School - Room D120 – Curriculum Office


IN ATTENDANCE: Susan Dressel, Frank Guzzetta, Karen Haynes,  Michael Irizarry,

Giorgio LoBianco, Kim McCormick, Jennifer Palmerton, Mary Rauscher, Deborah Rickerson,

Mary Lou Sworts, and Jill Wilkie




  1. CONSENSUS REPORT – Minutes –  June 5, 2017                                       

  Financial Report


       Motion:  To approve Consensus Report as presented

       1st         Mary Rauscher              2nd   Frank Guzzetta                  Carried:   Yes      



2.        Forthcoming Meetings

·          September 11, 2017 –Policy Board meeting

·          September 28, 2017 - Buffalo Teacher Center

·          October 2, 2017 –Policy Board meeting

·          October 23, 2017 - NYSTC Fall Focus-Albany, NY

·          November 6, 2017 –Policy Board meeting

·          December 4, 2017 –Policy Board meeting

·          December 7, 2017 - Erie 1 BOCES

·          January 8, 2018 – Policy Board meeting

·          February 1, 2018 - NYSUT Office, Williamsville

·          February 5, 2018 – Policy Board meeting

·          March 5-7, 2018 - NYSTC Spring Symposium/Committee of 100-Albany, NY

·          March 12, 2018 – Policy Board meeting  (due to conflict w/state mtg.)

·          April 9, 2018 – Policy Board meeting  (change due to Spring recess)

·          May 7, 2018 – Policy Board meeting

·          May 17, 2018 - Buffalo State College

·          June 4, 2018 – Policy Board meetng




3.      State, Curriculum/TC Updates

·         8/22/17 – NETT Conference attended by Director

·         Schoology Update – all is running smoothly with online courses, our PTC branding is now visible on the Schoology platform

·         Poster Maker – New poster maker is working well.  Many thanks to Suzanne Herbert for her assistance in loading operating systems and providing instruction on usage.  We will be ordering more poster paper.   One 36” roll of paper remaining from the old poster maker will be sent over to the High School.

·         Standards Updates – The director inquired as to the progress of NYS Standards updates by the Board of Regents.   Our BOCES curriculum staff said that no further developments have come from Albany on the updates.  There is money sent aside from the grant for the unpacking of these new standards by staff.   We will continue to monitor the situation closely.

·         Our grant was fully approved, awaiting monies to purchase Breakout EDU kits, positive feedback was received from NYSED about the detailed information submitted on our grant application. 



4.   Webmaster Update

      All website information is up to date, including the updated catalog with spring dates.



5.   Building Liaison Information

·         2017-2018 - July payments accepted

·         2017-2018 workshops are available – please sign up promptly

·         PDP Timekeeper will be due 2 weeks prior to start of workshop

·         Registrations required for workshops, electronic or hard copy



6.  Independent Study

            Initial Approval – Independent Study - Occupational Therapy – (Eising/Kent)


     Motion:  To approve the Independent Study – Occupational Therapy as presented.

       1st      Gio LoBianco            2nd     Sue Dressel                Carried:   Yes    



7.  2017-2018 Workshop Registrations

  • Current Registrations for 2017-2018 workshops, online courses are reaching capacity. 
  • Possibility of adding additional online or hybrid courses due to full classes – ideas? 
  • Cancellation of Love and Logic workshop due to no registrations.
  • Approval of fall workshops:

a.       Microsoft Office Suite/365 in the Classroom

b.      Differentiated Instruction – Whole Brain Teaching

c.       Hanging In –Strategies for Teaching Students Who Challenge Us the Most


       Motion:   To cancel the workshop, 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic  Classroom.

       1st        Mary Rauscher        2nd     Kim McCormick          Carried:   Yes     


      Motion:  To approve the three Fall 2017 workshops listed above. 

       1st         Sue Dressel            2nd     Karen Haynes                Carried:   Yes     





8.      Course Evaluation Review

All instructors will be completing course evaluation summaries following the completion of participant reflection forms and post-workshop surveys.   The Policy Board will review these summaries as they become available.



9.      Other – Policy Board changes

·         Due to the retirement of Middle School PAA member, Georgette Boberg, the Policy Board has welcomed her replacement, Deborah Rickerson. 


       Motion to Adjourn:                 

       1st       Karen Haynes                2nd     Kim McCormick              Carried:   Yes    



ADJOURNED:   4:45 p.m.


NEXT MEETING:    October 2, 2017