Pioneer Central Schools



DATE:  May 1, 2017

TIME:   4:00 p.m. – Middle School - Room D120 – Curriculum Office


IN ATTENDANCE:  Susan Dressel, Frank Guzzetta, Karen Haynes, Michael Irizarry, Thomas Izydorczak, Giorgio LoBianco, Jennifer Palmerton, Mary Rauscher, Mary Lou Sworts and Jill Wilkie




1.      CONSENSUS REPORT – Minutes –  April 3, 2017                                                 

  Financial Report


       Motion:  To approve Consensus Report as presented

       1st      Mary Rauscher                 2nd     Giorgio LoBianco               Carried:   Yes    



 2.   Forthcoming Meetings

·          May 18, 2017 – FarWest Regional meeting-SUNY Buffalo State College

·          June 5, 2017 – Policy Board meeting



3.    State, Curriculum/TC Updates

  • FarWest – TC news

The last FarWest meeting of the year will be held on Thursday, May 18. There may be a summer meeting, but that is to be decided at a future time.

  • Continuation Application (Grant Application)

The Continuation Application, Budget (FS-10) and Budget Narrative are ready for review and approval at today’s meeting.

  • Teacher Centers across the state received $20 million in funding, an increase of $5.74 million.
  • Many thanks to the state legislators that supported Teacher Centers in this year’s budget.
  • The Teacher Center Director and Director of Curriculum and Instruction have completed drafts of new CTLE Independent Study forms, new Reflective session forms/requirements, and in-service course requirements for all courses. These need review and approval from administration before moving forward.


4.   Webmaster Update

      Discussion:  All information on the website has been updated. April’s meeting minutes and June’s meeting date will be uploaded following tonight’s meeting.

5.   Building Liaison Information

*      All workshops payments are due. 

*      2017-2018 workshops are available – please sign up promptly

*      PDP Timekeeper will be due 2 weeks prior to start of workshop

*      Registrations required for workshops, electronic or hard copy

*      Please thank your legislators for supporting Teacher Centers in the

        2017-2018 budget.


6.      Grant Application Approval

Discussion: The 2017-2018 Continuation Application and Program Evaluation

Abstract were shared with the Policy Board for review. The Policy Board voted to approve the application and abstract.


       Motion:    To approve the 2017-2018 Pioneer Teacher Continuation Application and Program Evaluation Abstract.

      1st       Sue Dressel                2nd    Karen Haynes              Carried:   Yes    



7.      Budget Approval

Discussion: The 2017-2018 Pioneer Teacher Center Budget (FS-10) was reviewed by the Policy Board. The Pioneer Teacher Center will receive $39,154 in state funding for next year. The Teacher Center will include 10 thirty-hour workshops in the grant, along with ELA/Math New Standards Review sessions led by district teachers, as suggested by SED. The increase in funding will also allow for STEM materials to be purchased for use by all teachers in the district (BreakoutEDU and technology coding kits).


 Motion:   To approve the 2017-2018 Pioneer Teacher Center Budget (FS-10) and Budget Narrative.

      1st     Mary Rauscher                 2nd               Sue Dressel             Carried:   Yes   


8.      Independent Study Approvals

The following Independent Studies were reviewed by the Policy Board for approval.



·         Special Education – Jennifer O’Hare & Kaitlyn Leavoy


1st   Tom Izydorczak             2nd   Sue Dressel                 Carried:  Yes   



·         Music – John Reagan


1st    Mary Rauscher            2nd     Giorgio LoBianco      Carried:  Yes    


·         Educational Technology – Food Science – Katie Mitrowski


1st    Tom Izydorczak            2nd    Frank Guzzetta          Carried:  Yes   


·         HS Social Studies Curriculum Development-Teri Lina


1st    Tom Izydorczak           2nd     Mary Rauscher         Carried:  Yes    


·         HS English Curriculum Development – Andrea Smith


1st     Sue Dressel                 2nd      Tom Izydorczak        Carried:  Yes    


·         HS Social Studies – Dan Reiford


1st     Tom Izydorczak         2nd      Frank Guzzetta         Carried:  Yes    




·         Speech – Jennifer Matuszak & Jillian Hemming



      1st      Mary Rauscher         2nd                Sue Dressel            Carried:   Yes   


9.      2017-2018 Workshop Registrations

·         Current registrations for 2017-2018 were shared with the Policy Board. Final approval of courses will take place at the June meeting.


10.  Annual Center Effectiveness Questionnaire Results

The review of the Annual Center Effectiveness Questionnaire was tabled until the next meeting due to the lateness of the hour.


11.   Poster Maker

Discussion: After fact finding, the director presented the Policy Board with options for replacing the current poster maker. Purchasing posters through Walgreens, purchasing posters through CA-BOCES, purchasing a new poster maker system through Visual Solutions with trade-in of the old system and purchasing a new poster maker through Erie 1 BOCES, with a 3-year warranty/service package. The Board decided to purchase an HP DesignJet Z2600 PostScript 24” Printer w/Electronic HP Care Pack for $3,422.61.


Motion:   To approve the purchase of HP DesignJet Z2600 PostScript 24” Printer w/Electronic HP Care Pack for $3,422.61 from Synergy IT Solutions.


      1st    Karen Haynes              2nd        Tom Izydorczak        Carried:   Yes    


12.   Schoology

Discussion: The Policy Board reviewed the information for a 3-year contract for Schoology Enterprise. The Board decided it would be valuable for the Teacher Center to have access to the features in the paid version, as opposed to the free version. It was decided to purchase a 3-year contract for Schoology Enterprise edition, using district funds.


Motion:  To approve the purchase of a 3-year contract to Schoology Enterprise. 

      1st    Frank Guzzetta            2nd     Mary Rauscher     Carried:   Yes


Motion to Adjourn:                 

       1st      Karen Haynes                 2nd                Mary Rauscher       Carried:   Yes   


ADJOURNED:    5:10 p.m.


NEXT MEETING:   June 5, 2017