Pioneer Central Schools



DATE:  February 6, 2017


TIME:   4:00 p.m. – Middle School - Room D120 – Curriculum Office


IN ATTENDANCE: Sylvia Chase, Susan Dressel, Frank Guzzetta, Michael Irizarry, Thomas Izydorczak, Giorgio LoBianco,  Jennifer Palmerton, Mary Rauscher, Mary Lou Sworts, and Jill Wilkie




1.      CONSENSUS REPORT – Minutes –  January 9, 2017                                      

  Financial Report


       Motion:   To accept Consensus report as presented

       1st     Mary Rauscher          2nd      Giorgio LoBianco          Carried:   Yes     



 2.   Forthcoming Meetings

·          February 6, 2017 – Policy Board meeting

·          February 9, 2017 – FarWest Regional meeting-Williamsville –NYSUT

·          March 6-8, 2017  – Committee of 100 & NYSTC Spring Symposium

·          March 13, 2017 – Policy Board meeting

·          April 3, 2017 – Policy Board meeting

·          May 1, 2017 – Policy Board meeting

·          May 18, 2017 – FarWest Regional meeting-SUNY Buffalo State College

·          June 5, 2017 – Policy Board meeting




 3.    State, Curriculum/TC Updates

* This Thursday, the FarWest Regional TC meeting will be held at NYSUT Headquarters in Williamsville.  The purpose of the meeting is to instruct directors and Policy Board members on advocacy/strategies to promote Teacher Centers.

* The TC Director will participate in the Secondary Instructional Leadership Council on Tuesday, February 7 to present on CTLE requirements and a draft of the Stipend Course Calendar.

* An email was sent to all Pioneer users with information about CTLE certificates.  The first round of CTLE certificates for completed courses since July 1 have been sent out to participants.

* Technology purchases were discussed for the Center and will continue to be discussed at another meeting.



4.   Webmaster Update

      Discussion:   The website is up to date and the new meeting date and January minutes will be uploaded after meeting.



5.   Building Liaison Information

            * Spring workshop – Integrating Technology – starts Tuesday

            * Last call to register for AIS/RtI/iReady Tools online course, beginning February 27th 

            * Electronic or Hard copy registration form required for workshops

            * PDP Timekeeper required for all workshops – 2 weeks prior to start\

            * Summer workshop payments are past due; fall workshops are due by end of February



6.  Independent Study – Kaitlyn Leavoy & Alanya Zuniga

     Discussion:   Upon Marie Proudman’s leaving the district, Kaitlyn Leavoy has resumed her classroom position.   Marie had started the Independent Study with Jennifer O’Hare and Kaitlyn has requested to join this Independent Study, catch up and complete it for inservice. 


      Motion:  To approve Independent Study for Kaitlyn Leavoy.

      1st    Giorgio LoBianco             2nd            Tom Izydorczak          Carried:   Yes 


     Discussion:   Policy Board received an Independent Study request from Alanya Zuniga for Advanced Placement ELA Independent Study and reviewed the request.       


      Motion:  To approve Independent Study for Alanya Zuniga

      1st    Frank Guzzetta                2nd            Sue Dressel                Carried:   Yes 



7.  2017-2018 Workshops – approval

     Discussion:  Policy Board reviewed 2017-2018 workshops, along with the Course Information Form that has been updated to reflect CTLE changes.   Policy Board agreed to approve next year’s catalog of courses, with any minimal changes (date changes, etc.) by the district and/or Curriculum Office. 


      Motion:  To Approve 2017-2018 Teacher Center Courses with any minimal changes (dates, etc.) by District and/or Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

      1st     Frank Guzzetta                   2nd         Tom Izydorczak          Carried:   Yes    




8.  By-Laws – Tabled due to lateness of meeting






9.  Approval of Technology Workshop – “Free or Low-Cost Tech Tools to Increase Learning:  Best Apps, Websites and Tools”  (Grades K-6)

     Discussion:  After Policy Board review and consultation with the district technology department, the Policy Board approved sending Gio LoBianco to a technology workshop at a cost of $249 – BER “Free or Low-Cost Tech Tools to Increase Learning:  Best Apps, Websites and Tools” (Grades K-6) – and the cost of mileage to West Henrietta, NY on March 24, 2017.


      Motion:  To approve purchase of Workshop, substitute teacher and reimbursement of mileage.

      1st    Sue Dressel                   2nd    Frank Guzzetta          Carried:   Yes 




       Motion to Adjourn:                 

       1st      Mary Rauscher           2nd    Frank Guzzetta          Carried:   Yes    



ADJOURNED:    5:05 p.m.


NEXT MEETING:    March 13, 2017