Pioneer Central Schools



DATE:  Monday, January 9, 2017

TIME:   4:00 p.m. – Middle School - Room D120 – Curriculum Office


IN ATTENDANCE:  Susan Dressel, Frank Guzzetta, Karen Haynes,  Michael Irizarry,

Thomas Izydorczak, Giorgio LoBianco, Jennifer Palmerton, Mary Lou Sworts, and Jill Wilkie




1.      CONSENSUS REPORT – Minutes –  December 5, 2016                                                 

  Financial Report


       Motion:  To accept consensus report as presented.

       1st     Giorgio LoBianco            2nd      Frank Guzzetta         Carried:   Yes     


 2.   Forthcoming Meetings

·          January 9, 2017 – Policy Board meeting

·          February 6, 2017 – Policy Board meeting

·          February 9, 2017 – FarWest Regional meeting-Erie 1 BOCES

·          March 6-8, 2017  – Committee of 100 & NYSTC Spring Symposium

·          March 13, 2017 – Policy Board meeting

·          April 3, 2017 – Policy Board meeting

·          May 1, 2017 – Policy Board meeting

·          May 18, 2017 – FarWest Regional meeting-SUNY Buffalo State College

·          June 5, 2017 – Policy Board meeting



 3.    State, Curriculum/TC updates 

      a.   Dec. 12, 2016, the Board of Regents acted to officially adopt the New York State P-12 Science Learning Standards.  Attached are documents shared with the Board, including a summary of the recommendation and the panel presentation.  Key points of this development are as follows:

·         Implementation in all NYS school districts is set for July 1, 2017.

·         No information on possible changes to assessments has been released at this time.

·         Advancing STEM, a complete STEM curriculum for grades K-5 developed together by CA BOCES and Erie 2 BOCES, is in the final stages of development and will be ready to help teachers transition from the current standards to the new standards.

·         A calendar of upcoming trainings - including unpacking of standards, an overview of the 5E process, discussion of the engineering design challenges, and Advancing STEM kit-specific roll outs - will be released by CA BOCES in the next week or two.

Please know that our STEM team, led by Clay Nolan, is here to support you in this transition.  Reach out with questions at any time.          Amy M. Windus, Program Manager for Learning Resources, Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES * It was noted that Amy Windus is now a Program Manager for Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES.

            b.   Discussion that District’s Arcade & Middle School buildings will be unavailable this summer due to roof repair.   Where will the workshops be offered and the Teacher Center located during the summer?

            c.   The Teacher Center hours have been changed to 7:00-11:00 a.m., daily.

            d.   With the departure of Marie Proudman leaving the District, the Policy Board is encouraging additional staff to join the Policy Board.


4.   Webmaster Update

      Discussion:   All information is updated.   The next meeting date in February will be updated on the website.



5.   Building Liaison Information

            * Spring workshops to start soon - requires electronic or hard copy registration

            * Registration deadline for “Bringing Words to Life” online book study is February 1, 2017

            * PDP Timekeeper due 2 weeks prior to start of workshop

            * Summer workshop payments past due; fall workshop payments are due end of February



6.   CTLE Certificates – Decision to send certificates

       A note on the TC Moodle stated that SED has removed requirement for SSN, has the district received formal notice on this? 

      Discussion:   Policy Board discussed sending an email to participants explaining the CTLE certificate’s requirements on DOB and SSN.   It was decided to forward certificates with information received and participants could add additional personal information if required.


      Motion:  To send CTLE certificates without SSN/DOB unless provided by participant.

      1st     Sue Dressel                  2nd     Karen Haynes  Carried:   Yes    



7.      Annual Center Effectiveness Questionnaire

Discussion:  The Policy Board reviewed and updated the 2016-2017 Annual Center

Effectiveness Questionnaire.  They added a question about often workshop participants utilize new learning in the classroom with students to assist with SED evaluations. It was decided that the questionnaire would be sent out Monday, April 3rd with a return date of Friday, April 7th which will accommodate the completion of Teacher Center courses.  The Policy Board is looking into an incentive for completion. They suggested adding a link to a mini-survey for those wishing to submit anonymous constructive comments to the Center.  



      1st       Frank Guzzetta                2nd    Tom Izydorczak       Carried:   Yes    



8.      2017-2018 Workshops – Discussion

Discussion:   Reviewed workshops, waiting for a decision on the possible addition of a workshop prepared by the Physical Education department.   Changes in format of the workshop catalog and presenter course information form to reflect CTLE requirements were discussed.   Policy Board reviewed current slate of potential workshops for any additions/deletions.   Policy Board will have District administrators provide a final review for approval of courses in February.  


9.      By-Laws

Discussion:  The Policy Board continued a discussion of the director’s salary. It was suggested that the yearly salary figure should be available by the April meeting so it can be included in the grant application for the following year. A possible plan is to have the director’s evaluation in March, By-Laws/salary review and approval as needed in April for June submission of the grant.



10.  Audit/Credit courses – No action needed at this time



       Motion to Adjourn:                 

       1st    Karen Haynes                   2nd    Giorgio LoBianco     Carried:   Yes    



ADJOURNED:    5:00 p.m.


NEXT MEETING:  February 6, 2017