• Reflection Form

    It was agreed upon by Pioneer Central School administration, the Pioneer Faculty Association and Pioneer Teacher Center that changes would be made to the “Reflective Session” requirement for in-service courses beginning July 1, 2017.

    1. The requirement for physical attendance at a two-hour reflective session or completion of two hours of coaching following an in-service course has been eliminated.
    2. Participants will complete two hours of application and reflection independently to complete the full 30-hour in-service course requirement (28 hours of coursework + 2 hours independent reflection). Participants are expected to use/apply the products/project created from their coursework during their professional work with students and reflect on their professional learning following the course.
    3. A new “Reflection Form” that combines the old “Reflective Session Form” (goldenrod sheet) and “Reflective Session Focus Questions” will be used.
    4. The Reflection Form is a contractually required document that all participants must thoughtfully complete if they wish to receive payment for their in-service course. Included on the form are:  course information, subject area, standards, description and evaluation of project, evaluation of course objectives and effects on teacher practice and student performance and additional comments.  Participants must record in writing how their new learning from the course has been used in their classroom to impact their teacher practice and increase student achievement on the Reflection Form.  
    5. The Reflection Form will be sent by email to participants in advance of the due date by the Teacher Center. The Reflection Form should be completed electronically and sent by email to the course instructor and Pioneer Teacher Center upon completion.
    6. After completion and submission of the Reflection Form, participants will receive an email with a link to the Presenter/Workshop Final Evaluation on Google Forms from the Teacher Center.


    If you have any questions about these changes or have not received your Reflection Form for your course, please do not hesitate to contact the Teacher Center.

    For those PFA Members who have taken a course from a different provider (not Pioneer Teacher Center), please contact the Teacher Center for a Reflection Form.

    Thank you!

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