Pioneer Central Schools

Interested in joining the Pioneer "Community Transition Council"?


A forum of community members, teachers, students and parents interested in the dreams and well-being of students and families as they progress through the transition process.



To collaborate on fine-tuning the person-centered transition (school-to-work/college) process allowing it to result in positive outcomes for our youth and families.



  • Person-centered
  • Strength-based
  • Transition is a process, not an event!
  • To encompass person"s interests, abilities, preferences, and dreams
  • Empowerment, self-determination, self-advocacy
  • Living, learning and earning
  • Communication of supports and services
  • Interagency collaboration
  • Listening and discovering



Pat Hoffman MSEd
Transition Coordinator 
716-492-9300 ext 1256
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