• National Gateway for Self Determination

    Includes many resources for leading students and families towards their goals.
    One includes curriculum titled "Whose future is it anyway?"
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  • What is self-advocacy?

       Self-advocacy is an individual"s ability to effectively communicate and assert one"s interests, needs, and rights.  It involves making good decisions about your life today and in the future, and taking responsibility for those decisions.  Developing self-knowledge is the first step to empowerment and determining the direction of your transition plan.  This will help enable you to take charge of your future, identify future goals and communicate those desires to teachers and other important people. 
         For parents, it is often difficult to allow their children to take on this role since we"ve always protected our children from birth.  This is an important "right of passage" for them as they prepare for their independence.  This program will also help you see the importance of this concept and provide strategies to allow you to step back.
         Learn about the "5 Keys to Empowerment" today!
    See also: www.sdtac.uncc.edu  
    Excellent website focusing on self-determination.
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  • The Eight Smart Parts

    All people learn differently.  Each of us has our own learning style.  Howard Gardner developed the theory of multiple intelligence and identified these types of intelligence.

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  • SMART Parts Survey

    (Directions: Don"t click on the file below. Instead, save file to computer by right-clicking on it and choosing "Save Target/Link As...", open up your own CPS database, click on import, change the file type to cxm file, and import)
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  • Sample resulting chart of student results from CPS survey

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