The Yorkshire Pioneer Board of Education encourages the use of all school facilities, after school hours, by responsible community groups as long as the usage does not interfere with operation of regular school programs, proper adult supervision is provided, and facilities and equipment are treated with care and respect.


    All users must submit to the building principal (or the athletic director in the case of requested use of buildings or grounds for athletic purposes) a completed building usage request form and an appropriate certificate of insurance. Approval of the request requires signatures by the principal (or athletic director), and the superintendent. The form must be submitted at least 14 school days before the anticipated activity is scheduled to begin.


    The superintendent will develop, and the board will adopt, a schedule of fees and a list of regulations for use in connection with each written request. A user’s signature on the request form will verify their agreement to pay any required fees and to abide by the district’s regulations. A copy of the fee, schedule and regulations will be supplied with each request form.  Payment of fees is expected immediately upon receipt of invoice.  


    Fees or Admission Charges


    The Board of Education will permit organizations using the facilities of the school to charge admission fees when the proceeds thereof are to be expended for an educational or charitable purpose. In compliance with the New York State Education Law, Section 414, such permission to charge fees shall not be granted when the proceeds are to be applied for the benefit of a society, association, or organization of a religious sect or denomination or of a fraternal, secret, or exclusive society or organization other than organizations of veterans of the military, naval, or marine service of the United States and organizations of volunteer firefighters or volunteer ambulance workers.


    Responsibility for Damages Incurred


    Groups using school facilities shall be charged for damages whether such were incurred by members of the group or by their guests. Any person in attendance who is not a regular member of the sponsoring group shall be considered as a guest of that group.


    Damages by Outside Organizations


    The Board of Education is responsible for the care of the building or facility used by outside organizations. In order to insure this care, the Board of Education charges each group or organization with the responsibility of providing necessary supervision to prevent damage to the facility used and to provide for the welfare and safety of all those attending said function.


    Failure to comply with this policy will revoke such permission. Necessary supervision for the care and safety, if not provided, can be ordered by the Board of Education at the expense of the organization using such facility.

    NOTE: Refer also to Policies #3410 – Code of Conduct on School Property

                                                    #5640 – Smoking/Tobacco Use

                                                    #7310 – School Conduct and Discipline

                                                    #7320 – Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs and Other substances (Students)

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    Community Relations





    Activities involving the Yorkshire Pioneer Central School District buildings and grounds during normal hours will not be subject to user fees.  Normal hours are identified as Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m., on days school is in session; this does not include weekends.  Non-school sponsored activities occurring outside normal hours will be charged labor fees at the rate of $30.00 per hour, per person as needed.  Staffing requirements will be determined by the district.  Labor hours can be expected to be more than the actual hours of use due to preparation prior to the activity and cleanup upon completion of the activity.





    SWIMMING POOL:  Additional costs may be included to cover life guard costs.


    KITCHEN: Kitchen staff must be on duty when this area is used.  Additional fees will be charged to include kitchen staff costs.  A HEALTH PERMIT is required for kitchen or cafeteria use if food preparation is involved.


    HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM & SOUND BOOTH: Additional fees will be included for a lighting/sound booth technician.  Only certified users will have access to the booth. Please make this arrangement on your building request form, so that the proper certified user has adequate time to set up for your needs.


    SCHOOL GROUNDS: Hourly fees for field layout and/or painting will be charged as required or needed.  To be determined by Building and Grounds Director and or Athletic Director.


    STADIUM FIELD LIGHTS:  $35.00 per event.


    STADIUM CONCESSION STAND: $50.00 per event. A HEALTH PERMIT is also required.


    TURF FIELD:  $150.00 each hour, plus $30.00 per hour for labor.   A seasonal use fee will be charged, to be determined by the athletic director.


    TRACK:  $50.00 each hour, plus $30.00 per hour for labor.


    Pioneer community SPORTS LEAGUE activities may be eligible for a “seasonal use” fee.



     Fees for use of buildings and grounds may be waived in the following circumstances:

    • Facility use by Pioneer community emergency responders (e.g. police, fire)
    • Facility use by Pioneer community SPORTS LEAGUES for league registration purposes (fee waiver limited to one day)
    • Facility use for Pioneer community wide events (evaluated on a case by case basis)





                                                                                        2016-2017              3280-R

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    Community Relations





    1. A BUILDING USE REQUEST FORM must be filled out completely and returned with advance notice (2 week minimum) prior to the activity in order to determine availability, staffing and cost estimates.
    1. Current PROOF OF INSURANCE AND RELEASE FORM information must be included with the Building Use Request Form. Insurance should cover, but not limited to, possible injury to participants and spectators.
    2. Admission fees may be charged only when the proceeds are to be expended for educational or charitable purpose.  Exceptions are provided by law for veteran organizations and volunteer firemen.
    3. Meetings and entertainment shall be non-exclusive and shall be open to the public.
    4. All buildings and grounds are strictly tobacco, alcohol and firearm free and must be kept clean, neat and orderly.
    5. All parking signs and school rules must be followed.
    6. Organizations must assume responsibility for keeping order while they are using the facilities.
    7. All costs resulting from careless use of the school property, or damage to school property will be assessed against the organization.
    8. Any accident resulting in injury to any person or property will be reported immediately to the representative in charge and the school employee on duty at the time.  All reports must be in writing.
    9. Only the facilities and equipment requested on the Building Use Request Form are to be used, and they will be used only for the time designated.
    10. Unless prior approval has been granted, non-school personnel are not to operate school equipment.           
    11. The buildings and grounds must be cleared by the designated time as stated on the building use form.
    12. No person is allowed on gym floors unless he/she wears gym shoes or socks.
    13. The Board of Education reserves the right to alter change or deny any or all provisions of this agreement or to cancel it in its entirety.  Notice of such action will be given in writing to the organization. 

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Last Modified on May 11, 2016