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Professional Development Goals

In the Pioneer Central School District, the Board of Education has adopted district-wide goals for the 2016 – 2017 school year. These goals represent an overarching framework for the development of the District’s Initiatives [See Appendix K – Pioneer District Initiatives Venn Diagram] and subsequent goals for professional development.






  1. Academic Excellence and Student Achievement:  To provide an exceptional learning environment that engages, challenges, and supports all students so they may reach their potential in all post-secondary opportunities.



a.    Increase student academic proficiency using grade level benchmarks and state assessments data.

b.    Create a differentiated professional development plan for grade levels and content areas.

c.    Develop a comprehensive district wide “Poverty and Learning Plan”


  1. Fiscal Responsibility and Infrastructure:  To present a fiscally responsible budget that allows the district to sustain mandated and desired programs, services, and facilities over the long term.


a.    Articulate and reinforce the philosophy of the district.

b.    Develop and present a fiscally responsible budget to the community supporting the district philosophy.

c.    Review special education and technology programming and costs to analyze for efficiencies.

  1. Governance and Communication:  To engage in a focused and transparent governance process that is a model of informed communication and decision making.


a.    Create a mechanism to gather feedback to aid in decision making and holding people accountable for supporting decisions.

b.    Reinforce chain of command protocol to allow ideas, solutions and resolutions to be accomplished at the appropriate level.

c.    Share district information with transparency and open communication to the community through multiple outlets.

Last Modified on September 28, 2016